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Our goal is to help your
business move forward with
financial stability
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For more than 20 years, we have offered personalized accounting and customized business services nationwide. Our solid accounting expertise and proven results in charter school fiscal management, processes, monitoring and compliance has successfully grown into a trusted partner that business, charter schools, and nonprofit organizations rely on for long-term stability and growth.

Avolon Accounting & Business Services (AABS) was founded by Candy Yu in San Francisco, CA in Jan, 2005, and currently operates offices in both San Francisco, CA and Atlanta, GA. Now serving more than 13 states, Candy has established AABS as a consistent provider of high-quality back office accounting support for businesses, charter schools, non-profit and government agencies for over 20 years. Over the years, our team has grown beyond accounting or bookkeeping services and we have sub-divided our service offerings into three main focus areas.


Through Avolon Accounting, we engage with businesses and charter schools and offer high quality financial, accounting, and back-office services that are proven to increase efficiency and accuracy.

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Through our nonprofit, Avolon Foundation, we seek to give back to our local and business communities by offering financial services, training, and support to underserved businesses and business owners. As a team we also find deep value in providing opportunities for young entrepreneurs as part of our vision to inspire the next generation of leaders to achieve more.

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Throughout the past 20 years helping charter schools through the complex pathways to certification, accreditation, and financial accountability necessary for long-term success, our team has often expressed the desire for a comprehensive tool set for standardizing the process. It quickly became apparent that our extensive experience equipped us to launch this on our own and Opus was born.

Opus is a dynamic, multi-faceted software-as-a-service (SaaS) that functions like an orchestration tool for charter schools from application to renewal. In the process, we also built several modules that offer great back-office support for any type of business or organization.

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